Myoung Gon Kim • • +82 10 2882 7489
201, 656-1, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Robot Navigation
    Samsung Electronics
    Software engineer
    Navigation task group, Robot Intelligence team, Samsung Research
  • Currently assigned to system test for verification of robot task
  • Participated in autonomous driving projects for Robot
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea
    March 2018 ~ Present
    Korea University
    Research assistant
  • Research project: 3D Object Manipulation in a Mobile Virtual Environment
  • Fast and precise mid-air manipulation
  • Haptic retargeting
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea
    March ~ July 2017
    Korea University
    Research assistant
  • Research project: Scaled Jump and Flying
  • Perceptions in virtual environments with gravity-reduced system
  • Head pose prediction for head mounted display
  • Redirected walking
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Sep ~ Dec 2016
    Swizzle (music streaming startup)
    Software engineer internship
    Front-end web development at Singapore development team
  • Participated in development of playlist system using Youtube api
  • Developed service's web page and blog
  • Kent Ridge, Singapore
    March ~ July 2014
    Korea University
    M.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Supervised by Prof. JungHyun Han at 3D Media Lab
  • March 2016 ~ Feb 2018
    Korea University
    B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
    B.E. in Software Technology and Enterprise Program
    March 2009 ~ Feb 2016
    Effects of Switchable DOF for Mid-Air Manipulation in Immersive Virtual Environments
    International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction (2018): 1-13.
    MyoungGon Kim, and JungHyun Han
    Scaled Jump in Gravity-reduced Virtual Environments
    IEEE VR, March 18-23, 2017, Los Angeles, California, USA
    (published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 23, No. 4, April 2017, pp. 1360-1368.)
    MyoungGon Kim SungIk Cho, Tanh Quang Tran, Seong-Pil Kim, Ohung Kwon, and JungHyun Han
    3D Object Manipulation in a Mobile Virtual Environment
  • Convenient and intuitive mid-air manipulation
  • Implemented upon Samsung smartphone with Leap motion sensor
         (assisted by gesture recognition module)
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics
  • March 2017 ~ Feb 2018
    Scaled Jump and Flying
  • Walk or jump in virtual environments in different directions and
          distances from the real world
  • Cyber sickness in virtual environments
  • Sensation of movement of the body (vection) in virtual environments
  • Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea
  • March 2016 ~ Feb 2017
    Research assistant scholarship
  • Granted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Korea University
  • Sep 2016 ~ July 2017
    SW STEP(Software Technology and Enterprise Program) scholarship
  • Granted by Software Specialized Department, Korea University
  • Sep ~ Dec 2015
    Venture internship program scholarship
  • Granted by Office of International Affairs, Korea University
  • Sep ~ Dec 2013
  • Programming languages (C++, C# and Javascript)
  • Professional
  • Programming libraries (OpenGL, OpenCV and ROS2)
  • Advanced
  • Game engine (Unity3D)
  • Advanced
  • Design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
                                Adobe Premiere and 3Ds Max)
  • Intermediate
  • Others (LaTeX, HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Professional